You Know Her Name – Carrie Tribute Painting Complete!

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Carrie Oil Painting horror movie cult classic girl with blood and roses portrait dark christina lank plantiebee

My newest painting “You Know Her Name” is complete and on her way to the Say Hi to the Bad Guy show at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles! The show opens on October 18th and is sure to be quite a fun event, I have read only the best about their opening shows – but get there early! ^^ I got to paint Carrie as my cult movie bad guy – actually based after the new remake of the movie, with the star being Chloe Mortez!

carrie tribute painting chloe mortez horror oil painting christina lank plantiebee

all dolled up and ready to go!

She’s in a white embellished frame, the original painting being approx. 16 x 16 inches and the frame adds an approx. 2 inches on top of that.

She is currently the only painting I have for sale, so be sure to write to Gallery 1988 if you are interested in owning her!

Originals  are always updated on my site under the Originals for Sale tab  so you can check there for the  current status :).



  1. I love this, the colours are amazing and blend very well. The innocence of the white rose really adds effect.
    I’m currently recording a rap album adaption of the book, could I please maybe use this as the album cover?
    The project is completely non-profit and credit will be given.
    Please let me know at

    • Thank you for your kind comments on my work! I am really glad you like it. I am sorry but I cannot let you use my image for free. Thanks again though for stopping by and commenting on my art!
      All the best,

      • OK, thanks for getting back to me. I truly do like it and it is now my laptop wallpaper.
        Can I ask what paint you used? I can use this as another inspiration for one of my own design and love how the paint looks.

      • Or what oils if they are used sorry?

        Also I noticed upon reading the post that you misspelled Moretz slightly. Just thought you’d like to know.

        • Thanks ^^ Sometimes I think I must have fat sausage fingers, I mistype things far too often 😛 I use Schmincke oil paints with Liquin & Walnut oil for all of my paintings, on primed gesso board. I wish you luck with your future projects!

          • Thank you, it means a lot coming from such a great artist. One day I will buy this piece, but until I got money I’ll just admire it.

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