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Good Morning Everyone!

It’s the chilly start to a Tuesday and I have been up long before to sun was shining (which it still isnt) – picking up a handcrafted 36 x 48 inch birch board for a custom painting. I will be posting photos of it in my newsletter that goes out this evening – so be sure to sign up on the front page of my website while youre here!

Gradient in oils on masonite green

I wanted to go through my recent project, which is a little 20 x 30 cm piece on masonite with oils. Originally it started out in acrylics but I am just so unpracticed in them, it was looking waay too shabby πŸ˜› I make a digital collage of flowers and concepts which I then make a sketch of and transferred it using transparent transfer paper right onto the gradient once it was dry!

Blocking in colors on sketch using oils

A special thank you to all of my Facebook fans who helped me with tons of awesome ideas for birds a few weeks back! I saved all of your suggestions and after researching tons of birds I decided on a small snowcap hummingbird – which looks nothing like the scary thing you see above haha! After the sketch goes on the next few days is spent blocking in colors. You can see after that was done, I began on the lower right flower. Each one of the large flowers or the clusters takes me around 2-4 hours a piece to put detail into. So it’s been quite a long journey!

Painting flowers in oil paint

A long time later and alot of pink paint gone through…I have nearly completed all of the flowers on the painting. Last night I was working on those small batches of orchids on the upper left hand side – and think today I will finally start painting the hummingbird so it looks decent! I was lucky enough to pick up some metallic and pearl oil paints from Drewex in MalmΓΆ the other day – which will work perfectly for this sweet little bird ^^

Snowcap hummingbirdThis is what a snowcap hummingbird is actually supposed to look like! Just too adorable right!

This painting is going to the fabulous Auguste Clown Gallery in Melbourne, Australia and will be hanging there by January. If you like the way it’s going and are thinking of adopting it – it will be on sale for $270 AUSΒ  πŸ™‚ The gallery email is:

In other news! I also have been going a bit crazy on a personal project. Ever since August and I completed Omen for my solo show I have really wanted to paint from one of my sketches. I sketch in a non realistic way as my models sometimes know for better or worse LOL! Sometimes I have very little patience for pencil which I make up for with hours and hours of paint.

But I just had to do it. I have been waiting for months and so this is what I came up with:

big eyed painting from a sketch to oils

It clearly shows how my sense of anatomy isn’t all that πŸ˜› I have a really long neck myself, something of which I have been made fun of my whole life! I guess I put that, and other bits of myself into what my sketches look like. But gosh does it feel good to finally see what it actually looks like with real color. Maybe a bit wonky in places, but it means alot to me anyway ^^


And thats all from me this morning!! See you later guys πŸ˜‰


  1. First of all, GORGEOUS WORK! <3
    Second of all, I love elongated necks myself, and wish I had one! That's one of my favourite things about Lauren's "look" is her impossibly long neck. It makes her look so unearthly in photos. ^_^
    Thirdly, pleaaaaase let me know if you plan to have prints of this beauty, cause I'd love to get one! πŸ™‚

    – Sasha

    • Thank you Sasha-dearest!! <3
      Haha yes long necks - the good and the bad. Richard calls me an African ring woman πŸ˜› But I think its something I really love to paint as well, who knows how this style will affect or develop future works!
      Lauren is gorgeous ^^ She should model for me again someday πŸ˜‰ Maybe she can be my first mash-up piece: sketch with model sort of a thing!
      I will ofc offer you a print my dear once it's done haha - youre too sweet to me *hugs*

  2. i had never heard of a snowcap hummer, so lovely! as is your painting. your flowers are gorgeous.

    i love creating long necks too in my characters, especially my fairies and elves….

    both your pieces are a joy to see.
    lovely holidays to you~

    • i had never heard of it before either tammie! it is just so cute i had to capture it πŸ˜›
      long necks, big eyes, they are favorites of mine – as they seem to be of so many! i guess we all like a bit of ethereal huh ^^
      thank you so much, and very happy holidays to you and your family!! x

  3. Thanks for posting this. Was looking for this info all over the web.

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