The Year of the Ticking Clock

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Though 2013 is still fresh and new, it’s already book solid for the first 6 months. This is in so many ways great and fantastic – and it is all in the direction of my goals for this year! But also very stressful 😛

I remember back to one year ago and think about what a stark difference there was. Back then I had time to take part in the Enchanted Visions Project which I loved! I was getting over my phobia of backgrounds! And at this time…I hadnt even switched to Golden Open colors, which was a big eye opener for me.

Christina Lank painting

Painting at my art table, busy busy

Dial forward to the present and I am learning the importance of schedules. At the moment I am working on 4 oil paintings for 423 West Gallery for the upcoming EleMental show there.

I have 3 commissions to do and another upcoming show at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco which I am super excited about! It is called Fiction – and I get to paint the portrait of one of my all time favorite characters from literature ^^

I am going to keep which one it is a secret until I begin in a few months :O But if you know who it is you definitely get a huge gold star from me!

Work in progress oil painting by Christina Lank

one of the WIP oil paintings for 423 west gallery

Until I get to move onto the first massive commission, I bid you farewell! Hope you all are enjoying the New Year 🙂

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  1. whoa four at once!
    they each look gorgeous!
    i am so happy for all the success you are gaining! Congratulations!
    love seeing a photo of you creating.

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