“The Victim” – Karma Painting

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“The Victim” – Karma Painting


“The Victim” was the 5th piece I created for the “What’s Bred in the Bone” collection. It was actually one of my first concepts for the show as well, this time relating to the subject of Karma. For what we put out into the world, for better or for worse, will come back around to us eventually.




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Hence the spears! Have you ever noticed when someone does something wrong towards you sometimes they can get defensive? Their ego wall comes up and they explain to you how you misconceived or how you deserved it…. that kind of blind justification is what will lead to their own karma coming back around and striking when they least expect it.


girl lying down poppies petals pools stars grass marsh flowers red tears waterdroplets christina ridgeway plantiebee art painting pop surrealism

But it is more than just relating to personal experience. It is about the concept of Karma. You can’t escape it. It will follow you through lifetimes, death and rebirth, and keep you trapped in a very human experience whereas the point and purpose is to move beyond this realm. To free yourself from Karma and ultimately reach “enlightenment”.


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Whatever good or evil you put into this world it has a consequence. Whether you face it, heal it and correct it is your own choice. If you boil it all down, without fancy words, it comes down to energy. It is a real thing and the basis of all we are and everything surrounding us. Our thoughts and our actions are also energy and they have an imprint not only on ourselves but those around us. Which kind of energy do you believe you send out into the universe?


girl lying down marsh pool stars flowers poppies petals tears water droplets spears in back painting art christina ridgeway plantiebee pop surrealism


“The Victim” is 40 x 90 cm (16 x 35.5 inches), oil on masonite. It will be on view at Slice of Life Gallery in Malmö from May 14th – 22nd 2015.

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