“The Ties That Bind” – New Painting Complete!

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“The Ties That Bind” – New Painting Complete!

Hello hello! So happy to be here writing this post, after all the crazy that has been going on around here. As many of you know – I moved! I am now up in Västra Götaland instead of way down south in Skåne…which will be reflected a lot in my latest work. Today I am done with my 2nd painting in the “Leaving Time” collection called “The Ties That Bind”.

It took me awhile to finish her, since she was literally still wet when I packed her up to move here and didn’t have a studio for several weeks :O So, celebrating tonight her completion!


The Ties That Bind

“The Ties That Bind” – 55 x 75 cm – oil on masonite


I thought of this painting over the summer at work one day. I had been trying to find a way to release those who had hurt me in the past, old wounds, old scars… it can be a hard thing for me to personally shrug off and let go of (Taurus moon, what can I say). I had listened to this video about Karmic bonds and ties we create with every person we meet, no matter how significant or not – but when people hurt us and leave our lives… the ties still remain.


detail of face red head painting


Through these ties, with our own sorrow and unresolved anger/grief, we can give these people power. We literally send them our own energy and drain ourselves dry. But one of the most powerful things the person said which really struck home to me was when you really acknowledge this and decide upon cutting this cord tell the person you are sorry. “Sorry”, I thought! What did I have to be sorry for? Well I kept this going, I let it persist and I kept myself karmically attached to this person, which in truth lasts more than a lifetime.


detail of knife north node karmic chord


Like the last painting, I added in a bit of astrology. Here on the knife we have the symbol of the North Node. The North Node represents the kinds of experiences that we must work to develop in order to work with our karma, and to grow spiritually. Since we don’t want to carry over karma from this life into the next, we need to learn from the hurts which come to us in this life experience. Not just realize they happened and moved on but really try to get into the essence of why it happened and accept it. It is probably one of the hardest things I have had to learn as of yet but so worth it in the end.


Saturn in the sky


Saturn is the next astrological symbol in this painting. Saturn also deals with hard lessons and karmic relationships. He has been in my natal Sagittarius for almost 2 years and yeah I have felt it. It’s been a constant presence of “Are you really sure you are doing things right? Are you moving on? Are you learning, growing, being who you need to be?”

If you know anything about astrology you know most people really don’t like Saturn being anywhere lol – but really I couldn’t, wouldn’t be the person I am today if it hadn’t been for all his lessons the past few years.


overview of painting


Is this painting deeply personal? Yeah of course. Paintings can really be a window into the soul and a journey shared with others, those make for my favorite in my opinion. But I also feel like this painting shares this message for others too. We all have these karmic relationships and I sympathize deeply with how tough it is to just – release – but it is also one of those great moments in life when you really feel like it has been accomplished. It won’t be done in a day or a night or maybe even 100…but it is a process which grows us as the beautiful spiritual people we are.

So keep shining bright my gorgeous friends! I hope you enjoyed this painting and that it spoke to you as well. Feel free to leave a comment about your own journey below and until then wishing you guys a great weekend <3


  1. Thank you ! you added to my intuition of my first viewing of your painting .

    • Thank you Philip! I hope you enjoyed the message!

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