“The Keeper” – Caged Heart Painting

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“The Keeper” – Caged Heart Painting


The next painting in my “What’s Bred in the Bone” series is called “The Keeper”. This painting definitely focuses a bit more on the darker side. It is how I envisioned it feels when you let your lesser self take control. It’ll lock your heart and your true emotions away – leaving only your ego driven judgements to come through.



woman cage heart victorian good vs evil pearl necklace diamonds vintage art pop surrealism painting christina ridgeway plantiebee

This is another look at the personal side of this divide, but what happens when you make the decision for the worse. I know I personally have let these emotions take over – jealousy, bitterness, resentment… so on and so forth, and when I act from these emotions who I become is not who I truly believe that I am.


portrait woman blonde pearl necklace darker side green eyes victorian black dress christina ridgeway plantiebee

The heart however, even in ancient times was seen as the symbol of your true conscience, personality and even wisdom. It is the ultimate symbol of our higher thinking and judgement. Who we truly are. If we place that good moral part of ourselves (the part that tingles with guilt when we know we are letting our “inner demons” take control) in a cage and don’t let it guide us… who do you think you would be?


heart in a cage golden vintage victorian black dress good vs evil christina ridgeway plantiebee art painting

“The Keeper” is 40 x 55 cm, oil on masonite board (16 x 22 inches) and will be on view at Slice of Life Gallery in Malmö from May 14th – 22nd 2015. Let me know your own thoughts on the subject in the comments, would love to hear!


woman holding heart in a cage vintage victorian black dress pearls oil painting art christina ridgeway plantiebee pop surrealism


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