“The Harvest” – Illuminati Painting

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“The Harvest” – Illuminati Painting

Hey guys! Now we are on to the 7th painting from my solo show “What’s Bred in the Bone”. This was the next to last painting I completed and it actually was based on a forum thread which was probably…. 70 – 100 pages long 😛 all about the true intent of the Illuminati, Free Masons, aliens on earth, reincarnation and yes… the start of life and how in truth we never really die. We go in through cycles, bound here on earth, “playing the game” on this 3rd density planet.



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Now, condensing all that I read in that thread and how fascinating it was, would take me forever. But, it did inspire this painting above. The theme of my show centered all around good vs. evil, and also how things perceived as evil are not so easily judged. The Illuminati, shrouded in mystery and said to control much of the worlds power, has been cast in a very unfavorable light. However – the story I read had a different take. Ready to open your mind a bit and consider a more spiritual take on the matter?

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The long and short of it is – that the Illuminati is comprised of slightly higher evolved beings who are stuck with us on Earth in the 3rd dimension after they helped mankind receive Free Will. Now, they don’t want to be stuck in the 3rd dimension, as we all are, reincarnating over and over again – never able to advance into the next dimension. The 4th dimension is one of Love – wherein we would all be able to feel each others grief and therefore no one would let the other suffer.


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Now, here we come to the painting itself. In order to release us from being trapped in the 3rd dimension here on Earth (because God – otherwise known as Yahweh decided it would be so after the fall of the Garden of Eden) the Illuminati has been trying to achieve a Great Harvest. The harvest of our souls, globally. This harvest can either have a negative polarity or a positive polarity. It benefits the Illuminati if it was negative, meaning everyone on Earth is as miserable as possible and then the Great Harvest would come about.


black victorian gown, dress, long grass, poppies, stepping stones, hay bales, fields, flowers, christina ridgeway, plantiebee, art, artwork, painting

So, they go about creating as much destruction as possible – drugs, war, crime… the lot of it. The more the better. There could also be a Positive Harvest too – but that would require everyone to be loving, kind and respectful of one another. You can imagine which one we are all closer to. But these beings claim to love us all the same- we are all a part of the one Source. After death we all have a laugh about the game we’ve had to play on Earth and back down we go. That is how the story went, now my question is are they evil? They certainly create it, but in order to get us to advance to a higher level. And do you think we are all strong enough to create a Positive Harvest instead of a Negative?


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The story in entirety was fascinating- especially since this was a forum thread where a member of this group answered questions to anyone publicly. Whether or not it is true – it is impossible to say really. Science can’t prove it and most religions wouldn’t even consider it. But there is a fundamental truth to it – we are all stuck here on the 3rd dimension and there is nothing to say that real love and respect for our fellow man could bring about a lot of change for all of us.


“The Harvest” is 40 x 55 cm (16 x 22 inches), oils on masonite board.

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