“The Four Horsemen” – Large Apocalyptic painting complete!

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“The Four Horsemen” – Large Apocalyptic painting complete!

Hey everyone! Today I get to share with you a commissioned painting which I started late in the summer last year. It is a very large oil painting on linen and was inspired by an old interest/theme, which I actually originally worked on in 2013! The Four Horsemen… awesome 😉 Even more awesome when all 4 are women! This time I got to paint them all together on one canvas – hope you like them!



The Four Horsemen - oil painting Christina Rigdeway

“The Four Horsemen” – 26 x 44 inches – oil on linen


I love painting on linen. I don’t think I have ever painted on anything that suits me more – and this was the first time I got to paint so large on this type of canvas. I picked the Scottish highlands as my background, probably influenced by the fact I was listening to the Outlander series at the time! But it made for a good dramatic setting for my riders 🙂


Four horsemen - overview


Because the painting was so large (26 x 44 inches – 66 x 112 cm) a lot of pre-planning went into it. However, as I mentioned, I had painted the 4 horsemen before! I wanted bring in little elements of those older paintings into the larger new one. 2 of the models were even the same this time around – which was fun to shoot. Any old followers out there see which ones are the same as the 2013 models?


Famine and War - The Four Horsemen

Pestilence - The Four horsemen


The original inspiration to paint the horsemen of the apocalypse actually came from the show Supernatural. Hands down my favorite season of that show was with the four horsemen (especially Death, am I right?!) and I wanted to recreate them for myself. Lucky for me – I was commissioned to do so all over again!


Death - The Four Horsemen


That’s it! I am still a bit undecided over prints for this painting – since it is so large in real life my thoughts are that it would only look good as a large print. At any rate, if you are interested, pop me a message so I know! Those are officially all of my 2015 paintings posted *phew* – it was a solid year for art no doubt and I hope to continue to trend upwards in 2016 🙂

I hope you all have enjoyed the beginning to your new year!


  1. Love your work. If you don’t mind me asking, how are you finishing your paintings? They look flawless.

    • Thank you Jenni! Do you mean finish as in varnish? 🙂

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