“The Feeder” – Indian Quote Painting

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“The Feeder” – Indian Quote Painting

Ah, my first painting post. It feels good to finally get to this point!

“The Feeder” was actually the first painting I started and finished for the show as well. The concept was made before I had an interview with the gallery, amongst all my scribbled notes and research I had done thinking about what sort of theme I would want if I got the show.




girl with hooded crows victorian sitting room black lace dress good vs evil christina ridgeway plantiebee art painting pop surrealism

I was running with a theme about the nature of good and evil inside of us. I personally felt I had all these shining qualities but it didn’t stop some real nasty bits coming out now and again. The “bad part”, my lesser self was always there. So when I read the following quote it really stuck with me:


girl with hooded crow feeding victorian dress good vs evil christina ridgeway plantiebee


“Inside of me there are two dogs. One is mean and evil and the other is good and they fight each other all the time. When asked which one wins I answer, the one I feed the most.” – Sitting Bull


hooded crow sitting on shoulder victorian dress christina ridgeway plantiebee art painting

It was a Native American who spoke those words and I found they hit the mark. So the painting “The Feeder” was born – not with dogs but with birds. It is your guess which bird she is feeding, the good or the bad 😉

“The Feeder” is a personal introspection piece, delving into a pondering question I believe we all feel from time to time. Am I nourishing the best aspects of me? Am I good or am I evil, am I one and the same? And how do I get the best side to win?


girl with hooded crows on shoulder feeding victorian sitting room dress black lace good vs evil pop surrealism painting art christina ridgeway plantiebee

I think it was the perfect painting to start off this project with. It encompassed the nagging thought which turned into this collection and turned into a journey. One of which I wanted everyone to follow, read and also perhaps start to wonder as well…. 😉

“The Feeder” is 40 x 55 cm, oil on masonite (16 x 22 inches) and will be on view at Slice of Life Gallery in Malmö from May 14th to 22nd 2015.


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