“The Dreamer” – Eve and the Tree Painting

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“The Dreamer” – Eve and the Tree Painting

The third painting in the “What’s Bred in the Bone” series is “The Dreamer”. This painting was the first to veer off onto a more biblical “ancient stories” route. I already had so many concepts about my personal feelings about humanities good and evil sides, I started digging into the past and the root of it all. And who better to start that journey than Eve and the Garden of Eden.


eve girl white victorian dress burning cherry tree stormy sky snow green hill biblical modern pop surrealism christina ridgeway plantiebee

I read the bible when I was about 9, making my way past the strange language and hidden meanings. The story of Eve and the Tree of Knowledge however really never made any sense to me. Here was this perfect innocent woman who was tempted… not to do any of the unspeakable things a woman might be forced or lured into today, but to gain free will and knowledge. I never quite got why this was such a forbidden thing, I personally like having them both!


Eve portrait woman blonde orange hair wind white lace victorian stormy skies christina ridgeway plantiebee


Yes, it gave us the knowledge of good and evil. But in other paintings I explore how this may not be the total or root cause of our dual nature. Eve is a dreamer to me, she envisioned a world of knowing, of choosing, of freedom. And for disobeying God she and Adam were cast out of the Garden of Eden. I have even heard that God made childbirth extremely painful for all women hence forth as an eternal punishment…


cherry blossom tree on fire snow stormy skies christina ridgeway plantiebee art painting


Now, what do you think – did the punishment fit the crime? Was Eve taking the apple and giving mankind free will and knowledge deserving of extreme punishment? Or is it a perception of evil? There are so many ways to view the story, without seeing it exactly as it has been portrayed. The point is to keep your mind open to the possibilities that mankind could have never advanced or never moved forward from a childlike state if that event had never supposedly happened.


eve girl white victorian dress tree of knowledge burning cherry blossom stormy blue skies snow green hill christina ridgeway plantiebee art painting pop surrealism


I have this feeling at the moment mankind moved from being childlike and dependent now to more a teenager state. Rebellious, aggressive, expansive, thirsty for more of everything all the time. And soon enough – we will move onto an adult state, caring for those around us, compassionate after going through the mistakes and experiences of our past.

Now this is just a theory… what is your take?

“The Dreamer” is 60 x 75 cm, oil on masonite (24 x 30 inches). She will be on view at Slice of Life Gallery in Malmö from May 14th to 22nd 2015.

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