“The Defiant” – Story of Lilith Painting

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“The Defiant” – Story of Lilith Painting


Now, we come to the point where we delve back into biblical history. Don’t get confused, Lilith’s story isn’t in the printed pages of the Bible – but then again many stories are not! That was all decided long after Christ had died, which ones made it in…. which ones didn’t… Lilith’s story didn’t make the cut but it is a very intriguing story all the same.



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The story of Lilith describes how she was Adam’s first wife before Eve, however she was made from the same clay as Adam rather than from his rib bone. She insisted she also wanted to be on top of him when they made love, as they were equal, but Adam refused saying he would never lie beneath her – a woman. This made Lilith very angry so she ran away from the Garden of Eden.


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Adam was very upset that she had left, so he begged God to bring her back for him. God sent 3 angels who found her at the Red Sea. They demanded she return or else they’d kill 1,000 of her children every day. She still refused and from then on was seen as the first female demon and the leading cause of infant deaths (cot death). Now, do you think from reading this story, that Lilith was in fact truly evil? She is now portrayed as such as her actions led to the death of her children and she disobeyed God… but for me it is so much more poignant than that.


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She was a woman who was created equal to her counterpart. She wanted the same rights as he did and left, peacefully, when she didn’t find the respect she felt she deserved. For that she was punished and made, through propaganda and distortion, into an evil being. How much of what we know or see today as being evil is actually evil? And if it truly is, what is it that caused them to be that way? As I said in an earlier blog post, I don’t think anyone is born evil – it is through actions and through environment that one becomes such. And who is to blame for their state?


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In reality, of course we are always to blame for our own actions but perhaps not solely. There are outside influences which hinder, help and shape us into who we are and how we react. But if there is one thing I do believe is that we all have the right to stand up for our own equality and self respect. This is a very large topic at the moment, feminism. Not just the equal rights for woman, but the equal rights for both men and women. There should be no punishment for wanting to live in a world of equality. What do you think?


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“The Defiant” is 40 x 55 cm (16 x 22 inches), oil on masonite. She will be on view at Slice of Life Gallery in Malmö from May 14th – 22nd 2015.


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