“The Creator” – God Painting

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“The Creator” – God Painting

Now time for the finale. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read the blog posts and stories behind all of these paintings. I started researching the topic June 2014 and didn’t stop till I had finally figured out this painting last winter. The whole collection has been a labor of love and a real expression of self. I am so happy I got to share it with you all! “The Creator” is the final piece of the collection and wraps up my dilemma of good and evil. I started the project thinking about both aspects in me, then into society and biblical stories and I had to wonder… where did this vicious cycle begin?


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Well, after doing the paintings of Eve and Lilith – I started to see a pattern. Our Creator, or God, seemed to have taught us punishment (and sometimes from my point of view, over the top punishment), judgement, cruel tests… you name it. And just like children learn from their parents, we learned from ours. This doesn’t just come from Christian stories, but many ancient stories as well. Gods fighting, falling in love, mating with humans, influencing wars, being petty… stories of those seen as higher beings with higher power still, in essence, act quite a bit like human beings.


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Am I trying to insult any religion? No. The fact of the matter is most religions came about and were specified to a certain time period. Their rules and regulations set forth to humans are often outdated (though there are always good grains of truth from each one) – I just like to keep an open mind. I see this cycle of judgement and punishment circulating from person to person. You experience something bad, you learn from it and often from resentment or trauma you act the same way to someone close. They learn the same and it goes on and on and the intriguing part is the beginning. The start.


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One could argue our vicious cycle started when Eve ate the apple from the Tree of Knowledge. But I also think the punishment given to Adam and Eve also affected their thinking, their own judgement. Or it could simply be in our DNA. We are images of God, made in His (or in this case Her πŸ˜‰ ) form. You see in the bowl God is holding there is a rib bone for Eve and the red clay for Adam’s creation. I also think that certain personality traits and nuances are not only learnt but truly “What’s Bred in the Bone” just as the name of the collection suggests.


god, woman, lace dress, deluge, bowl, rib bone, red clay, creation, bible, christina ridgeway, plantiebee, art, artwork, painting

I struggled for awhile wondering how I would want to portray God. And finally after a long time of pondering I thought it would be best to show Her at a moment when I could see cycle getting started: The Great Flood. God, angry with humans for their sinful ways, decides to kill every single one – save those on Noah’s ark. A clean slate. A way to start over. Now, many of you may have children (or remember being one πŸ˜‰ ) and let’s be honest… sometimes kids can just drive you crazy. They may not listen, rebel, make many mistakes and yes sin. But would that mean to you complete extermination?


god, woman, deluge, white roses, great flood, moon, moonlight, clouds, lace dress, white, bowl, rib bone, clay, bible, good vs evil, gold crown, pop surrealism, painting, christina ridgeway, plantiebee, art, artwork

Well, it is food for thought. God/Yahweh – the symbol of our creation, our parent, our mother and our father is the person whom we are meant to learn from. I can’t honestly say that I would want to do everything in their example. There is also a lot of love and forgiveness preached in religion and I think that is the thing to hold onto. It can be very hard to not be judgmental and not to want to pass on our own resentment to others but I think we all can try, maybe even just a little, harder.Β  I know I will at any rate!


That concludes my “What’s Bred in the Bone” collection. The name itself comes from the title of a book about an artist actually – the one thing I have been given and kept by my own father whom I haven’t seen in 10 years. The title itself is meaningful as well as every single painting. Thanks again to everyone who stuck with me the past 8 months as I went on this interesting journey into the nature of good and evil and speculation on its origin. You are all awesome! <3


  1. Most beautiful piece of art I have seen. You are in the top ranking artists,in my book.

    • Wow, thank you so much! Such a compliment! πŸ˜€

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