The 12th Planet – Anunnaki Painting Complete

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Okay, I know this painting is in no way new. In fact I originally started the project way back in the spring of 2014! It was a gift for my husband, who loves ancient alien theories (well so do I, but he has really studied and engaged in the topic) and really wanted a painting from me for our home.

That being said, the moment I was done with her she was whisked away and put in a frame and hung, lovingly, in our bedroom. I never had the chance to properly photograph her or even varnish her…. until today! So may I officially present my painting of an anunnaki… “The 12th Planet”, named after the book by Zecharia Sitchin!

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The 12th Planet – 45 x 65 cm – oil on linen


We first started getting into ancient alien theories through the show (you probably could guess 😉 ) Ancient Aliens on the History Channel. Since then, my husband has read and acquired many books on the subject and even veering off onto interesting spiritual ideas and concepts.

The 12th Planet in her frame


When coming back to this painting after a year long break – I made several changes. I knew that the Anunnaki were meant to be incredibly tall but also very pale with white hair. I changed the sky into a celestial starscape and really tried to make the whole thing pop.


close up shot of feet and offerings


The Anunnaki were worshiped by the ancient Sumerian people as gods and their records show that the Anunnaki used primitive human beings to mine gold for their home planet Nibiru. I added small touches a long those lines across the bottom of the painting.


lamassu statue close up


I added the ancient guardian statues, Lamassu, into the painting as well to protect the temple and the ancient goddess. Those statues are possibly what took longest of the entire project.


close up of anunnaki's face


I love having this painting hang in my bedroom, it wouldn’t be the same without it! Thank you for all your kind words and support regarding this piece of work even though I haven’t been able to post a proper final image until now!

If you are interested in having a copy of her in your own home prints are now available on my Etsy shop in 2 different sizes. If, however, you’d like an archival print bigger or smaller than the listed prices – no problem – just message me here or on the shop with the size you are looking for and I can arrange that for you 🙂

Hope you all had a fantastic New Year and look forward to sharing more art like this with you in 2016!

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