“Telltale” oil painting complete!

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Telltale oil painting

Telltale – 36 x 48 cm – oil on canvas

So happy to say that my experimental painting is finally complete! I started this painting a little while back in December after getting a brain ache from staring at reference pictures. I just wanted to let loose, have some fun, and make a painting that looked like how I sketch things naturally. That includes long hair, strange buns, small flowers and of course – Poetry.

I do frequently write notes and scribbles in my sketchbook…a lot of the time lyrics that are in my head – or full blown poems like this one! I wrote this straight onto the canvas from my head in a metallic gold pen – something better appreciated in real life I am afraid! 😉

Poetry and flowers on Telltale

Poetry and flowers on Telltale

I know many of you out there were curious as to what it said, so I spent a good long while deciphering it today haha! It took me awhile as I do have messy handwriting and I had no other copy of it other than what was on the canvas so –  minus 2 grammatical corrections this is what it says:


It was my telltale moment. When all other things fade and you’re left with the core. With the truth. The meaning.

Oh how I wanted and waited for that moment
it would be release something extraordinary and yet as the story goes it would also be the moment you fall.

A crown only golden for the second before –
when the love would be unconditional and the adoration linked to the mystery.

Can you feel me there between the beats still in my wanton state collapsed in the seeping hole of truth or something like it.
When I am no longer just a simple smile with a dream but a terrible plague curse of misfortune, trust, and thus distrust.

Because underneath I found no reason to carry on being brave though I needed to be.
I held you there by that lake called God and we played our chess game like truth or dare, all or nothing my endless friend, that tattooed infamy.
Oh you lavishing languished beauty of the docks you knew my deck, my cards, the jacks of spades there was no competing for the underbelly. Every shallow eye flash heart beat moment had riddled away what was left.

Telltale, the bluff moment when I couldn’t quite escape it.

My love, when we are old and the blossoms of our beings  a mere cast shadow of the bright of the bright wondrous things we were remember that lily white colored moment when I was no longer afraid to call you home.

For this is me and I will always be you. A collapsed and real echo of your softer side,
who took the crown and fell with it all the same. You walked and held my hand so feverishly soft and said there can be no moment of truth without pain. And thus we are all sacrificial creatures.
Believing in nothing.
Loving the second hand tick.
But no.
I always did love you.

Telltale overview shot

Telltale overview shot

So this truly is a mash up of all the things to come out of my head ^^ I am offering this painting up for sale as is, and since it is a bit of an experimentation piece it is going for $300!
If you like her and would like to give her a home, just send me an email! 😀 contact@plantiebee.com

Telltale oil painting portrait shot

Close up of her face

I hope you all have had a great weekend and for those of you also in Sweden – enjoying the prolonged season of snow 😉 Here’s to spring right?!

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