“Sweetpea” oil painting complete!

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Sweetpea hummingbird oil painting

“Sweetpea” oil on masonite 20 x 30 cm

I am so so happy to announce that my hummingbird painting for Auguste Clown Gallery is finally complete!

Well, it has been done for a few days now, but I have been waiting ages for those white wisterias to dry πŸ˜› That’s what I get for globbing on the paint I suppose!

This painting was a challenge in a few ways. First off, there is no female figure – which is very unusual for me! Though I love painting birds, this was a real direct focus on a very small very complicated one which needed alot of attention from me on a small scale.

close up of the snowcap hummingbird

close up of the snowcap hummingbird

Then there were the flowers…It was the first time I had ever painted flowers like this in the foreground, and each took me several hours to complete. But with some really good reference pictures and good planning ahead of time made sure it came out the way I wanted it to πŸ˜€

close up of small pink orchid flowers

close up of small pink orchid flowers

Now that it is dry and all safe to ship, it’ll be making its way over to Australia where it will be on display πŸ™‚ If you like the painting and are thinking of adopting it – please feel free to contact the gallery owner with all questions!

me holding the painting to show you the size!

me holding the painting to show you the size!

The price is $270 AUS and will come framed – done by the expert gallery owner himself who has excellent taste so never fear πŸ™‚

Now….as this painting is done and I finally had something to update for December I have been able to make my 2012 Art Summary Meme!! I always get so excited when I get to do this πŸ˜› Each year has been a journey, and this one more than most. I have already started my new years goals and resolutions for art next year – I hope for even more exciting things to come!

2012 Art Summary for Plantiebee

2012 Art Summary for Plantiebee

Thank you everyone for such a fantastic year – I hope you had a great one as well, and even better – look forward to a creative and inspiring 2013!! Happy New Year!


  1. this is so lovely
    and charming
    a piece that will be cherished!

    • Thank you Tammie! I sure hope so πŸ˜€ Hope you have a great new year!

  2. This painting turned out beautifully! The details in the feathers and the flowers really is amazing. <3

    I love your 2012 painting round up! That's quite an accomplishment. Perhaps a 2013 calendar is in order?! *crosses fingers*

    Hope you're having a lovely day missy!

    – Sasha

    • Haha yeah maybe it is, though I am a bit late in the game for a calendar πŸ˜› I am really glad you like the painting Sasha, thank you for all your wonderful support! *hugs*!

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