Studio Visit! – What I’m Working On

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Studio Visit!  – What I’m Working On

Hey you guys – it has been too long since I posted an update on my blog. This month has gone by so fast and I have yet to complete another painting. I have been in full free time mode, for the most part, so starting and switching between projects as well as scheduling everything that will be coming up throughout the year.

christina lank plantiebee studio space easel paintings
So! Welcome to my studio! I work on my easel or paint splattered art table – next to my giant wall of (crooked) artwork πŸ˜‰
I have this pretty cool easel which holds all of my oils, mediums and brushes on racks. Essential things to me while painting: my studio light which helps me see 10 million times better, my laptop for reference pics and music/audio books, as well as my comfy swivel chair.

When I first started painting, I used to paint on the floor. I eventually upgraded to my table with a normal kitchen chair and I would be in so much back pain at the end of the night… so that comfy chair I cannot paint without!

work in progresses plantiebee christina lankI keep the majority of my work in progresses up on the shelf above my art table. Sometimes I do wish I had one of those archival drawers so I could slip them in there – dust + oils can be a big problem! But for now I get to stare at them while working on other things – it does help remind me what it is I am supposed to be working on next.

3_ auction piece labyrinth work in progress christina lank plantiebeeHere is a preview of my newest painting – an auction piece for the Bad Apple Art Collective! We do monthly auctions on our Facebook page – this month’s theme is Labyrinth. The auction starts tomorrow March 27th at 5 pm EST so be sure to head on over and see everyone’s work! This is the largest piece I have put up for auction measuring 10 x 10 inches.

blood painting renaissance christina lank plantiebeeThis is a small clippet of my so far untitled blood + cathedral painting ^_^ If you guys have suggestions for names please do tell me! I am kinda stumped. I had started putting the color on a few weeks ago then realized I had to paint the cathedral over again properly bumBumBUM! Which is why I have been slacking. The cathedral is very very time consuming, I am sure you can imagine!

work in progress frozen lake painting christina lank plantiebeeThe last work in progress I will show you is my frozen lake painting. This painting is probably the one that tugs at my heart strings the most at the moment but is always wet!! So, it makes working time on it a bit slow. I thought of this concept absolute ages ago. As per usual, I started it months after I had thought of it. The model photo of my friend Ulrika I had taken just for fun while we were doing another shoot. I saw it after and thought – this is perfect. Once my free time started, so did this project.

On my easel at the moment is a rather large 16 x 22 inch painting which is not in a good state for sharing πŸ˜› I can tell you it features a biblical theme of sorts. I am quite inspired by biblical stories, which is funny since I am not religious. But I have a love for things like the tv shows Ancient Aliens and Supernatural which always bring these themes out in me πŸ™‚

Upcoming Shows: I have been invited to participate in Modern Eden’s On Beauty show this upcoming May. I loved the theme, art for art sake haha – I get to paint beauty. I have picked a theme more or less for my painting and will be getting started on that tomorrow :O So be sure to watch my Facebook page for updates!

Commissions: New commissions are still closed at this point as I have quite a bit on my plate. I believe I will be ready for new projects later on in the spring. Thank you for all of your interest so far!

Facebook Giveaway: I am nearing the 3,000 follower mark on Facebook – thank you for all of your support guys!! You are all the best!! Once I hit the 3,000 mark I think we are long overdue for a giveaway. Let me know what you think would be fun in terms of prizes πŸ˜€

That’s all from me – I have a lot of fun things going on and I can’t wait to a) finish one of these paintings lol b) share them all with you. Thanks again for your support and hope you all have a great transition into spring!

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