“Sisters of Babylon” – Sumerian Goddess Collab!

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“Sisters of Babylon” – Sumerian Goddess Collab!

Hey guys! My first gallery show of the season is coming up and it is one I am very excited about. I took part in Modern Eden‘s last Artist Collab show back in 2012 and I enjoyed it so much that when they asked me to do it again I jumped on it! I picked Tammy Mae Moon to be my collab partner. Tammy and I have been friends for a long time, in fact she was a major inspiration for me when I started painting again back in 2011! We both love folklore and ancient stories and I knew we would have no problem at all coming up with a concept together ^^


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Sisters of Babylon – 20 x 20 in – oil on linen


So we started scheming! It was pretty obvious, being who we both are, that we were going to do a pair of goddesses 😉 I really love Ancient Aliens and all those ancient astronaut theories so I knew a bit about Sumerian lore. Tammy knew this and she picked the two Sumerian goddess sisters Ereshkigal and Ishtar. Ereshkigal is the goddess of the underworld, she is definitely the darker energy sister whereas Ishtar is the goddess of the living  realm as well as fertility and love ;). I made a bunch of concept sketches and we decided upon one where the girls were close up on the canvas with a beautiful Babylonian garden in the background.

work in progress, first layers, oil paint, base coat, linen canvas, figurative art, christina ridgeway plantiebee

This was the very baby-start of the painting! I chose to paint Ishtar as after a long dark solo show I wanted something on the brighter side! I had left a space for Tammy’s character to the left hand side and had started to fill in the background. Tammy promptly told me that she was going to paint her own background!! (lol communication fail) and what you see there on her side is exactly how it looked when it arrived on her doorstep.

work in progress, ishtar, collab, christina ridgeway, painting, oil paints, detail layers

A week and a half later my half of the painting was coming to life! That stone arch in the back probably took me the longest 😛 All the little details like the little strands of hair and the gold on her cheeks were so much fun.

ishtar, collab, work in progress, sumerian goddess, babylon garden, christina ridgeway, plantiebee

After 3 weeks of painting my half of the collab was complete and she was sent off to Tammy in the states. It was hard to imagine what it would look like complete with so much empty space! But it didn’t take long to find out 😀


wip, ereshkigal, starting layers, base coat, collab, oil painting, art, tammy mae moon

When Tammy sent me this shot I was just over the moon. Up until that point I hadn’t seen any of her concepts or where she planned on going with her character. And since I had been staring at that blank spot for a month – seeing it all of the sudden with a blossoming girl was awesome!

color layers, ereshkigal, collab, oil painting, linen canvas, middle layers, details, work in progress, oils on linen, tammy mae moon

When the real detail and color came in and you saw the two girls side by side…. both Tammy and I were totally in love! I think it is a real special experience making a collab, especially with a long time friend. We know each others work really well and even have some of each others in our homes so seeing them mixed together is a real awesome thing. It is a real art baby!


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So you guys can see why I am excited about this show! Not only is it our own art baby but there are a bunch of other artists who have created collabs around the world, which is just spectacular. If you are lucky enough to be in San Fransisco from September 12th to October 3rd please do go check it out at Modern Eden Gallery! And take pics for me!

If you would like to adopt “Sisters of Babylon” and own our art baby please do contact Modern Eden. They are super sweet and friendly ^_^ info@moderneden.com

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  1. Oh my Goddess. I cried with your painting, since I was very young I used to feel attracted by planet venus, and over the years I just realized that Ishtar was my goddess of heart, but looking to this painting, I could see her, Blonde, innocent, thank you so much, it made me cry, I love Ishtar, I will find her, beyond the gates of death! Hail Ishtar, goddess of War, Sex and love!

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