“Sanguine Divum” – Painting Complete!

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“Sanguine Divum” – Painting Complete!

Ah after so many long months of having this painting sit on my shelf, I can finally call her complete. I seem to say that a lot lately don’t I! She is however the last of those paintings which have been waiting to be signed and given the nod of approval. So in many ways this marks the end of a journey, the journey of catching up. “Sanguine Divum” – or Blood of the Gods in English is now done and available for sale!



christina lank plantiebee girl red hair renaissance blood on fingers church golden headpiece collar pearls oil painting

“Sanguine Divum” – 12 x 16 in. – oil on masonite

I can’t tell you how long ago I came up with this concept. It must be 2 years… I remember writing on FB I was in the mood to paint blood, and this is what I meant. I had made the awkward sketch in my sketchbook, a girl with a renaissance veil over her head with the bloody fingertips touching her lips and thought someday…someday.

christina lank plantiebee golden reniassance head piece band pearls black jewels oil painting

Last August I was introduced to a girl named Marina whos gingery red hair immediately made me think of this sketch. I thought with her big green eyes she was the perfect model to bring this painting to life! Going from sketch to reality, well, a lot of things changed. Hardest part was trying to think of a suitable background. I lived in the south of England for nearly 5 years and was lucky enough to take photos of the beautiful old architecture there. I found a photo from 2008 I had taken of Chichester Cathedral and decided this had to be it!

chichester cathedral christina lank plantiebee oil painting

Annnnndddd because I decided on an architectural background this painting took absolutely forever to paint. Each small section of ceiling took several hours. Over 4 or so layer that adds up to quite a lot of time 😛 But enough about my process…. how about the inspiration.

christina lank plantiebee girl with blood fingertips in mouth church renaissance oil painting

Blood is seemingly sacred. Now and days we symbolize this in church with wine, but the idea is still the same. It is pure. What if someone took it into them, letting it transform them. I was reminded a lot of the movie “The Countess” which is about Elizabeth Báthory – a lady who thought rubbing her skin with the blood of young virgin girls would keep her preserved. Beautiful forever.

Something rather sinister is occurring that is for sure. Sinister and yet appealing. Well, I will let you all muse on the finer details yourself!

I hope you enjoy my newest complete work! She is available for sale – if you are interested you can click on the contact link up on the navigation bar or email me at contact (a) plantiebee.com 🙂

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