“Reverie” – Violinist in Moonlight Painting Complete!

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“Reverie” – Violinist in Moonlight Painting Complete!

I am so happy to show you the complete violin commission – Reverie. It has been a long time coming, Long time coming! The whole idea started early on in 2013 and we got the ball roll end of the summer.

violinist pond full moon painting artwork mystical fantasy art painting oils christina lank plantiebee

“Reverie” – 12 x 14 in. – Christina Lank (c)

As such it is one of my longer fought projects, made for a childhood friend of mine who is herself a professional violinist.


girl playing violin full moon painting art artwork christina lank plantiebee

Even while taking the model photos of my beautiful friend Ulrika, we were listening to the composition “Reverie” by Debussy, which was my inspiration for the painting. I have had a long love affair with Debussy…starting around the time I was 9. Everyone in my family (minus me) played the piano. I would ask my sister to play Debussy for me while I lay on the couch and just daydreamed…

The song itself to me has a bit of a dark undertone to it, whilst being magical and perhaps pensive. I wanted to bring that into this work.

fairy lights and lily pads oil painting art painting christina lank plantiebee


You may have noticed I added in some magpies in the trees as well – my superstition of them continues – but I added 2 for joy. Hopefully bringing a bit to the new owner as well!

magpie in tree starry night painting oils art christina lank plantiebee

I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season thus far and a good ending to 2013. This year sure has gone by fast, and it’s been a busy painting year for me. Here’s to 2014 and all the new wonderful projects to come.


  1. Is this for sale?
    How much is it in Australian dollars?

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