Originals for Sale

Here you can find which paintings I currently have for sale. Prices are listed without shipping – and I do offer payment plans for any of my pieces! Thank you for looking and if you are interested in one feel free to send me an email:


Paintings for Sale in Studio


1,000 Morsels of Hope oil painting by Christina RIdgeway “1,000 Morsels of Hope”

55 x 75 cm (22 x 30 inches approx.)
Oil on Belgian linen
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portrait, girl, silver, white hair, celestial, sky, cosmos, stars, nebula, pale skin, brown eyes, rosy cheeks, spiritual, source, painting, christina ridgeway, plantiebee Unity
Sale: $750
16 x 20 inches
Oils on Belgian linen
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anunnaki, female, painting, artwork, christina ridgeway, plantiebee, celestial, sky, stars, sumerian, statues, assyrian, winged, temple, offerings, albino, nude, pop surrealism, spiritualism, oil, paint The 12th Planet
45 x 65 cm (18 x 25.5 inches approx.)
Oils on Belgian linen
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Paintings for Sale in Gallery

These paintings are currently in show at a Gallery. If you’re interested in them, I have linked contact information for you. Thank you for looking!


"Into the Woods We Go" - oil on canvas board - 24 x 33 cm Into the Woods We Go
24 x 33 cm (9.4 x 13 inches approx.)oil on canvas board
Framed in silver
For sale through Penumbra Art Gallery
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Homebound - Gypsy painting Homebound
24 x 33 cm (9.4 x 13 inches approx.)oil on canvas board
Framed in gold
For sale through Alexi Era Gallery
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