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It has been a wonderful 4 day holiday weekend over here! Mostly because I could paint my giant board a bit more often, it’s 10 times easier to do in natural day light, propped up against my couch šŸ˜› Oh yeah, I feel so pro!!

I had put the Huldras on earlier as you may have seen, and they looked like pasty creepy creatures…not really the Scandinavian beauties they were meant to be! But since then I have been doing alot of research, thinking, expanding….having good talks with Archer Dougherty and scouring the web drenching my brain in painting knowledge.

Now I can’t say it’s made me a painting genius over night – but it’s helped me rethink a few things I could put into practice.

So – to show you what I had to work with and where I went…I have take some photos. 3 layers of oils on the face. And ofc, there will be many more to come šŸ˜‰

the ugly version of michelle

oh the humanity!! Michelle before shes painted…

Dear lord, look at that face. Now you may look at me and say…there is no hope. Turn and run šŸ˜› But, that just makes me want to work harder and literally FORCE the beauty in lol.

middle stages of michelle

well, a lick of paint did some good…

Now we are getting somewhere…I put on another coat of paint onto Michelle, basic simple, blocking in the shapes and using a deeper shade of skin tone than I usually do…all for good reason.

Glazing on reds and yellow

A glimpse into all of the girls faces as I put on a color glaze

Here’s a sneaky peek into all of the girls faces after the second layer went on, I then glazed reds and yellows onto specific areas of their faces .

3rd layer of skin tone

Ah ha, that’s much better

Mind the blur, its tough to photograph this painting with all of the reflective light šŸ˜› But here is the 3rd layer as I kept in mind many many skin tones to avoid monotone-ness. Can you believe we got from point one to point three šŸ˜›

before coloring in ri

Oi, poor Ri and that crazy nose

And I had to do the same thing…3 times…Poor Ri started off looking horrifically disfigured…

middle stages of center huldra

mmm warmer now

A little better…

3rd layer of skin in oil paint on Ri

There we go…

Lessened those lips, added some luminosity…and her nose no longer resembles a bat!! We are on a roll šŸ˜‰

base coat of elisabeth

Elisabeth made an okay base…

Elisabeth admittedly didn’t suffer as badly as Ri and Michelle, but her ghostly-ness just cant sit around unaltered.

elisabeth huldra 3rd layer of oil paint

Oops, skipped the middle stage for this one by accident!

I kindve forgot to take pictures of her middle stages and my camera wasnt behaving so well for this stage, but you get the idea ^^ She gets yellow, reds, browns, highlights…all a very good base to work off of now šŸ™‚ Most important thing to fix? Her mouth…I was getting a bit tired at this point lol.

huldras in forest work in progress oils

the ladies starting to come to life

It was an interesting journey indeed! But we are getting there, and best of all I am learning as I go. It is definitely a spring to try and rethink the way I paint…with some help from my friends, youtube, and good old google l I think I will slowly get a grasp on what I need to do to get my paintings to an even better level of quality.

girl holding baby octopus oil painting work in progress

Oh! look who snuck in here!

And if you stuck around this long through the post here’s a special little snippet of my Tentacle painting šŸ˜€ Hehe this painting has turned out to be a real fun piece and I am quite enjoying it ^^ Should be done in the next few weeks!

Hope you all have had a great Easter and could relax a bit amongst all the chaos of chocolates and eggs… (or perhaps chocolate eggs ^^) Here’s to April! Let’s hope warm weather follows along with it…











  1. Oh my gosh! They are all so beautiful! I love how you posted the “ugly stage” haha! It’s a relief to see that other artists go through the same thing. I love love love Ri’s eyes – they are such a brilliant blue. One suggestion: Elizabeth’s forehead is slanted, maybe make it a bit fuller on the left side/change the curvature of the forehead?

    I love the octopus lady. Seriously amazing stuff – love the graphic style. The colours are really great, and I love her attitude! ^_^

    I can’t wait to see how they all turn out!!! šŸ™‚

    – Sasha

    • Hey Hey Sasha ^^
      Lol yeah we all dont get to see the ugly side enough really šŸ˜› I know some artists dont go through it, this one in particular was hard to avoid…the background was just really messy and confusing to lay a sketch over and well…just meant alot of clean up needed to be done -_-
      I saw what you meant about her forehead so I looked at the board and I think that is thanks to a) the shadow b) the hair over her forehead not being colored in c) my craptastic photography skills šŸ˜› Makes her look a but like an ancient myan in that photograph – but I think with a bit of hair it should sort itself out.

      Yes Octopus lady!! lol its been really fun to work on that piece, but now I only have like a week and a half to finish it so… immense stress is now to follow. It just takes…so long…to paint tentacles šŸ˜›

      Hope youre well hun and look forward to seeing some of your new projects soon! <3

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