“Of Golden Hearts & Feathers” – Hawk Painting Complete!

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“Of Golden Hearts & Feathers” – Hawk Painting Complete!

Hello my lovely friends! I am pretty excited to share this painting with you – over the past few weeks I have really grown attached to it, its process, its meaning and how it turned out in the end. In a lot of ways this really feels like the first painting of 2016 – even though I  finished a few smaller works in January – this is the first full concept and large scale painting this year. As such, I wanted a brighter lighter painting which exuded the emotions or qualities I wanted to hold onto going forward from a rather tumultuous end of 2015…. and so “Of Golden Hearts & Feathers” came to life.


Of Golden Hearts and Feathers

Of Golden Hearts and Feathers – 45 x 65 cm – oil on linen

I wanted to create a painting which showed an inner strength, as well as a touch vulnerability/delicateness. The hawk to me fit perfectly as a spirit animal and guide for this piece. To me they have a very special kind of strength, which branches from tenacity and perseverance rather than brute force.


close up shot of the hawk


This painting also let me try out a proper baroque background on a proper Belgian linen canvas *swoon* – time consuming but so worth it. I absolutely love this style. It makes me feel like I am in an old world, before mass machinery and metals. Something raw, slightly twisted and alive in its own wild magical way. To me, the pathway leading into the sunrise really is the foundation of this painting. Keep strong and follow the path forward.


close up of girl's face and hawk

close up shot of girl's hand and dress pattern


“Of Golden Hearts & Feathers” measures 45 x 65 cm (18 x 25 inches approx.) and is available for sale 🙂 I will be painting the sides black so she will be ready to hang with or without a frame. I do offer payment plans, so if you are interested in giving her a new home feel free to write to me! contact (a) plantiebee.com


side angle shot of painting

painting hanging on wall


I hope you all like my newest piece! I will be working on a lot of gallery shows from here until the baby is due in May *yipes!* Only 3 more months – crazy how time flies by.  So keep your eyes peeled for new paintings coming out soon, easiest way to do that is by signing up for my newsletter on the right-hand side of my blog 🙂


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