“Mona Unveiled” – Mona Lisa Painting Complete!

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Mona Unveiled Mona Lisa Interpretation Painting by Christina Lank

“Mona Unveiled” – 9 x 2 inches – oil on masonite


I am very pleased to announce that my own interpretation of the Mona Lisa is finally complete! She has been entitled “Mona Unveiled” thanks to the awesome support of one of my fans on Facebook who helped me with with a complete name block 😛 Cheers!!


mona lisa detail oil painting hands dress christina lank

detail shot of her hands and the collar line!


It’s difficult to say where exactly I got this idea. I got invited to participate in Modern Eden’s Mona Lisa show about 2 or so months ago and when I saw Mona – I saw her just like this! Teasing, classy, pulling down her dress and as I kept saying to my patient model Ulrika, “Marilyn Monroe smile!! Head back!!”

detail shot of mona lisa painting by christina lank dress and shaw fabric oil painting

Detail shot of the dress and shawl!

In some ways I wanted her to be modern, in the non classical seductress sense. But it was really important for me from the get go that the style of the painting was still classical.

I am really happy I didnt make an exact copy 😛 Making my own version was hard enough! I think I’d of never finished if it looked too much like classic Mona. I barely finished it with my own mind all over this piece! But there were a lot of great new challenges in it that I am happy I learned from.

Mona Lisa interpretation painting by Christina Lank Plantiebee

Overview shot of Miss Mona on my easel!


Color palette, clothing folds, new attempts with glazing, smudging, smooshing, oh it went on and on. I hope to take those lessons to future projects and see things start going where I want them to be going!

The Mona Show at Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco

The Mona Show at Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco


The Mona Show opens at 6 pm on July 20th at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco! I think it’ll be fascinating to see how different artists interpret this infamous piece ^^

“Mona Unveiled” is available for sale through the gallery – just send an email over to Kim with all inquiries 🙂 info@moderneden.com

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