“Love is a Dangerous Angel” painting of Witch Baby Complete!

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Witch Baby Dangerous Angels oil painting black winged girl with globe lamp over LA by Christina Lank

“Love is a Dangerous Angel” – 16.5 x 17 inches – by Christina Lank

I am very happy to announce that my painting for Modern Eden’s June “Fiction” show is complete! I was able to pick my favorite literary character to paint, and I decided on Witch Baby from the Weetzie Bat series, also known as Dangerous Angels 😀

witch baby with globe lamp and clock black wings oil painting by Christina Lank art

Detail shot of Witch Baby’s Face – by Christina Lank

Witch Baby was my favorite character from the book, as I was a introverted teenager at the time when I obsessively read it. Witch Baby always felt out of place not knowing who her parents were and often looked at the clock and asked “What time are we upon and where do I belong?”

She was also eluded to being a genie, and her genie lamp was none other than a globe lamp – which you can see shes holding in her hands 🙂 probably the most frustrating and challenging part of this painting was the globe lamp – so thank you to all those that helped me fix it along the way 😛

Witch baby holding globe lamp over LA with black wings jacaranda tree clock art painting Christina lank

Photo of the painting late last night when I declared it complete!

The book takes place in Los Angeles, so I added in a cityscape of LA down along the bottom. In the book winds come in bringing feathers of which they build wings for Witch Baby to wear while playing drums – and there is a lot of references in the book to purple jacaranda trees, which is in the back behind the clock! Quite a lot of reference in there huh!?

But the one thing most people ask me is what’s the text in the background? When I was 16 and read the book for the first time, I highlighted my favorite lines and passages. This one about Witch Baby  has always stuck with me I had to include for nostalgia’s sake alone!

It reads:

“Witch Baby hid in the shed all day. When everyone was asleep she crept back into the cottage, went into the violet-and-aqua tiled bathroom and stared at herself in the mirror. She saw a messy nest of hair, a pale, skinny body, knobby skinned knees and feet with curling toes.
No wonder Raphael doesn’t love me, Witch Baby thought. I am a baby witch.

She took the toenail scissors and began to chop at her own hair. Then she plugged in My Secret Agent Lover Man’s razor, turned it on and listened to it buzz at her like a hungry metal animal.
When her scalp was completely bald, Witch Baby, with her deep-set luminous, jacaranda-blossom-colored eyes, looked as if she had drifted down from some other planet.

But Witch Baby did not see her eerie, fairy, genie, moon-witch beauty, the beauty of twilight and rainstorms.

‘You’ll never belong to anyone,’ she said to the bald girl in the mirror.”

I was really honored to paint this meaningful character, no doubt just to me, but others who read the book as well. It is a lushly written modern fantasy which will always remain sacred to me – and if you ever have the chance I  recommend you picking it up and reading it too ^^ It may not even be the last time you do 😉

dangerous angels novel book cover by francesca lia block

Dangerous Angels by Francesca Lia Block

Hope you all enjoy the painting and if you are in San Francisco June 22nd 2013 – be sure to stop by Modern Eden Gallery and check out the show! I have a feeling that it will be quite a fun and wonderful event 😀 See the flyer below!


fiction show flyer gallery opening modern eden

Fiction – June 22nd 2013 – Modern Eden Gallery – SF


  1. Lovely! Have a question for ya! What kind of brush are you doing to paint out the wording on your art? I’ve used liner brushes to no avail and it’s driving me bananas!


    • Hi there Alyssa ^^ I used a uni posca pen to write the text in the back! i dont think i could ever actually paint words in the back, it sounds brutal 😛 but those are really great pens to use, i also use them to sign paintings 🙂 hope that helps!

      • Sweet! I’ll have to check those pens out! Thank you!

        • No worries – let me know how it turns out ^^


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