“Into the Woods We Go” – Red Riding Hood Painting Complete!

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“Into the Woods We Go” – Red Riding Hood Painting Complete!

Hello hello everyone! I am happy to finally share with you guys my Red Riding Hood piece, which I made for the Bad Apple Artist Collective show opening tonight in Portugal! Exciting πŸ™‚ Fellow BA member June Leeloo will actually be there in person, so I am expecting some nice photos of the opening to start circulating the web tomorrow! The show is called “Perrault’s Fairy Tales” – Perrault being the French writer, living a century or so before the Brother Grimm’s time (I believe). Red Riding Hood was one of those stories and I used that as inspiration for my painting.


"Into the Woods We Go" - oil on canvas board - 24 x 33 cm

“Into the Woods We Go” – oil on canvas board – 24 x 33 cm


I took the reference photos for this painting, gosh it feels like forever ago, in January when we really did have snow on the ground here in Sweden. I think it was -9 degrees celcius at the time and I made Ulrika run around the garden in a cape haha… it was fun though πŸ˜‰ The sun was setting early, as it does in winter, and the light through the bamboo over the snow was just gorgeous and really inspired the painting.


close up of red riding hood


It was a serious challenge to recreate lol but well worth it in the end. It created the eerie magical atmosphere I wanted for my fairy tale painting ^_^ I didn’t however want to add the wolf in here… I just imagined him lurking somewhere back in the foliage, plotting his next move hehe.


overall shot red riding hood


The “Perrault Fairy Tale” show is beautiful, I have personally been able to see the collection all together. If you’d like to see it for yourself and also get to see my own piece framed! Click the link here: http://www.penumbraboutique.com/category/badapplecollective


You can also purchase “Into the Woods We Go” directly from the website πŸ™‚ I think in her little silver frame she would be a lovely addition to anyone’s wall <3


Thanks so much for having a look and I hope you like my latest painting! Only 3 weeks until my due date now so I am racing to the finish line with all my other projects – including one more gallery show and a special commission I look forward to sharing with you soon. Have a great weekend everyone!

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