“I Move the Stars for No One” – Labyrinth Piece Complete!

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“I Move the Stars for No One” – Labyrinth Piece Complete!

Hey everyone – my latest painting opens at Gallery 1988 today for their new show “3o Years Later”. In true Gallery 1988 style – artists were asked to make a piece inspired by movies created 30 years ago in 1986. Considering I was born late 1987 – it kinda makes me feel a bit old lol! The movie Labyrinth however did in fact come out in 1986 and therefore was my inspiration for this show. It was a tough call between that and Highlander… but I think I made the right choice in the end 😉


I Move the Stars for No One painting by Christina Ridgeway

“I Move the Stars for No One” – 24 x 33 cm – oil on canvas panel


I’ll tell you guys a secret though, I hadn’t actually watched the movie until recently. You’ll laugh at me but I have this semi-fear of those weird rubbery robot/puppets they used back in the 80s (like in Neverending Story). They really creeped me out as a kid so I avoided most of them lol! Anyway… judgement time over. My son and I watched Labyrinth together and we both really enjoyed it, creepy puppet things aside.


Close up of Sarah in painting


I wanted to capture a bit of the magic from the movie in my own painting, but at the same time keep it soft and simple. It just so happened to go perfectly with the title in the end.


I Move the Stars for No One framed and hanging


Here she is all dolled up in her silver frame! Show opens today, March 25th in Los Angeles – so if you are around be sure to go check it out 😀 Should be a lot of awesome art there inspired by a whole year of awesome movies.

If you are a lover of Labyrinth and want to adopt this lady for yourself – get in touch with the lovely people at Gallery 1988 🙂 gallery1988west@gmail.com

She is $695 including the silver frame – and I do hope to come out with some prints on my Etsy shop once the original has sold so keep your eye out! If you’d like to be the first to know about print releases like this – sign up for my monthly newsletter: http://eepurl.com/rVxnv 🙂 My lovely newsletter crew get to know about everything first so it is the place to be!

Have a fabulous Easter weekend everyone and I will speak to you all soon! <3

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