Heart Chakra – Into the Woods Painting Complete!

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Heart Chakra – Into the Woods Painting Complete!

Hey everyone – here at last is my painting for Haven Gallery‘s “Into the Woods” show, opening October 10th 2015. The forest has always been a source of inspiration for me, as any of you who have followed me for awhile will have seen that pattern time and again! I grew up next to the woods. As a child is was this endless world, foreign and full of magic – so removed from daily life. As a teenager it was a place of respite. So it is always easy for me to imagine worlds centering around the woods – when you enter anything can happen.


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“Heart Chakra” – 11 x 14 in. – oil on linen


My contribution to the show has a personal note to it, as it would! When I heard the show’s theme I immediately thought of a meditation session I had several months earlier. I had seen my heart chakra, a deer centaur (which may be called a Cervitaur, you guys can confirm that!) bounding into a dark forest terrified asking me not to follow. It was a very striking and memorable image and I wanted to rework it for this show.


Cervitaur, deer, centuar, girl, antlers, heart, chest, light, chakra, forest, woods, fantasy, painting, art, plantibee, christina ridgeway, oil paint, artwork


I wanted to make this Cervitaur not so much frightened but wary… she is wandering into the dark part of the forest and leaving the light, yet holding it still within her heart. The message is to keep the light with you even if you must go into the unknown, the frightening, the deep… we all have that journey at some point in our life, just never forget the light-being you are in the process.


deer, forest, light, rays, sparkles, dust, woods, fantasy, scene, close up, christina ridgeway, plantiebee, oil, paint, painting, art, artwork


“Heart Chakra” measures 11 x 14 inches and is painted with oils on Belgian linen. It has been framed in NY in a beautiful gold baroque frame…so lovely and detailed. I will share photos of it once images from the show opening are released! If you are looking to give this painting a new home please feel free to contact the gallery owner: info@havenartgallery.com

And if you are in Newport, NY from October 10th – November 15th do check out the show in person! <3

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