“Evensong” – Huldra Forest Painting Complete!

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Ah, it was many moons ago when I first accepted this commission – and for those of you who follow or know me you are aware it has been a constant theme and project which if I wasn’t actively working on, I was certainly actively thinking of it!

It was the first time I ever painted on wood – and in this case we used Birch. It was also the first time for me painting something so large. It measured 90 x 120 cm which is 36 x 48 inches.

Oil painting of Huldras in green forest with animals by Christina Lank Plantiebee

“Evensong” – 36 x 48 in. – oil on birch – by Christina Lank

I first got the commission December 2012 – and spent the first bit of time getting the custom birchwood board made. Looking back to February to when I first began painting it, it’s amazing to see where it came from and where it wound up!

christina lank beginning painting in acrylics

rough ideas, and a lot of paint!

three girls painted oils in forest by christina lank plantiebee

My three star ladies!

A special thank you to my three models who worked with me so patiently – I know they’ve been waiting for this day to come!

To clarify – these creatures are Huldras. They are from Scandinavian folklore, supposedly very beautiful woman who protect the forest. In the Norwegian versions they have cow’s tails and a back like a hollowed out tree. Very physically strong, with a soft spot for farmer boys 😉

In this case they were made to represent the Three Graces from Greek Mythology as well! In this instance they are from left to right: Creativity, Beauty, and Charm.

painting of girl with white and purple flowers in hair christina lank plantiebee

Close up shot of Creativity’s face


female nude huldra  painting in forest christina lank plantiebee

Body shot of Creativity!

Creativity has two types of flowers in her hair. Oats flowers which represent music, and Acanthus which represent the arts.
I also added a fox next to her symbolizing quickness of mind and an association with the night and dreams.

fox oil painting in forest mossy rock christina lank plantiebee

The little foxy!

girl portait in forest black hair oil paint christina lank plantiebee

Beauty’s close up shot!

Woman nude huldra forest oil painting christina lank plantiebee

Body shot of Beauty!


Beauty has Red Daisies in her hair which in Victorian times symbolizes Beauty itself ^^ She also has Queen Anne’s Lace which represents Delicate femininity.

girl portrait close up flowers in hair oil paints christina lank plantiebee

Charm’s Close up!


woman nude blonde huldra forest fantasy oil painting christina lank plantiebee

Charm’s Body Shot!

Charm has three types of flowers in her hair! Unfortunately Victorian times didn’t come up with a flower which represented Charm alone 😉 She has Witch Hazel, which is a magical spell, Elderflower, which is compassion, and Viscaria which is an invitation to dance!

She also has a hare next to her which can symbolize creation, immortality, femininity and ambition.

Hare oil painting forest fantasy christina lank plantiebee

The hare on the lower right corner

Another important creature to the client was the wolverine which is at the bottom center of the painting. It was his university’s mascot whom we called Bob ^^

wolverine in forest oil painting by christina lank plantiebee


And don’t forget there is a fourth Huldra who has a little resident in her hollowed out back!!

huldra hollow back red squirrel oil painting christina lank plantiebee

hello there!

She also had a lynx companion with her. I really love lynx’s and I hope someday to paint one again. Like that little squirrel, anything with ear tufts I <3

lynx oil painting forest christina lank plantiebee

And because animals are in abundance, here are close up shots of the rest!

red deer in forest detail oil painting christina lank plantiebee

Red deer on the left hand side of the painting

saker falcon oil painting forest christina lank plantiebee

Saker falcon flying above the girls

Christina Lank Plantiebee sitting with large painting

Me sitting with the painting!

It’s been quite the experience and I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to paint such a piece and to meet the client himself. It’s going to be a bit strange not having the painting here with me in my painting space anymore….but I know she’s going to a fantastic home with just the right sized wall to display her on 😉

Hope you guys like it too!



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