“Eclipse” – New Painting Complete!

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“Eclipse” – New Painting Complete!

Hey guys! Today, a few days after the solar eclipse, I am very happy to be posting my newest painting. This piece is the first in a series I am working on called “Leaving Time”. No, this series isn’t connected to a gallery show, it is a series of paintings I have been wanting to create for some time. I felt giving it a name and a cohesive theme would help give me the focus to bring them to life. So, without further ado here is my painting “Eclipse”.


Eclipse - Oil on Masonite by Christina Ridgeway

“Eclipse” – 40 x 55 cm- oil on masonite


Originally this painting was only meant to have 2 figures, the light and the dark. It would appear the dark was being cast out and the light emerged victorious. But after the photo shoot out in the Skåne countryside, I felt differently. Here we have symbolized our negative thought patterns and ideas. That dark voice within us which undermines our actions and motivations in life. It is a choice to leave it behind, but it isn’t always so simple. We can go through a state of limbo and in between as we figure out who we really are without our ego dragging us down.


Close up dark figure


In the painting it became eventually, it looks as though rather than the dark being cast out, she is more moving upwards into the limbo state. I felt this way quite a bit beginning of the summer as many things were changing (Pluto, the planet of death, rebirth, power and transformation looms above her). It takes a lot of awareness and determination to quiet the dark voice within and begin change.


Transparent girl in field painting


What comes next, marked by the moon (our emotional centers and reactions) is a state of in between. It is a vulnerable place to be, open to the world. Bringing out what once was hidden but yet somehow not feeling completely there.


Light being painting


And what comes last is the release. Shedding away the layers to become your bright and brilliant whole self. Infused with light and positivity, trusting in your own being and thoughts. True transformation comes from within. The planet which hangs above her is Neptune, which rules over spiritual enlightenment and truest forms of love.

I settled on the name “Eclipse” because of the darkness which can consume before we enter a much brighter fulfilled time in our life. I really enjoyed adding a bit of astrology into this and hope to continue adding little aspects of it in the future pieces of this series.


overview of eclipse


I hope you all have enjoyed my newest painting! Let me know if it resonates with you in the comments below ^_^ I would love to hear your thoughts and stories.

The original painting is available through me privately if you are interested in adopting her into your home. Feel free to send me an email: contact (a) plantiebee.com

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend ~



  1. I love this piece. It resonates with me because 2017 was a year of a lot of changes for me, too. Do you have any prints of it available?

    • I am currently trying to sort out prints/printer! I will send you a copy once I figure it all out! <3

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