“Dreams of Shiz” – Wicked Painting Complete!

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“Dreams of Shiz” – Wicked Painting Complete!

Back again already! Now with a painting I did late in the summer – “Dreams of Shiz”. This is my contribution to The Dream Factory’s upcoming show “All Roads Lead to Oz” opening September 25th!

I painted my Oz piece based upon the book “Wicked” by Gregory Macguire. I read the book in 2013 and really enjoyed it. It had a lot of depth to it and made you think. Like I always say – the bad guy always has the more interesting story! And with Elphaba, otherwise known as the Wicked Witch of the West, it was no different.

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“Dreams of Shiz” – 11 x 14 in. – oil on masonite


So, my painting takes place during Elphaba and Galinda’s early years. They met, in the story, at school in a town called Shiz. It was a transformative time for both of them. Galinda started her school year out entwined in all things material and Elphaba over what was evil. Just up my alley right? It is a question I ponder as well…

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I actually used myself as a model for Elphaba. I was a rather awkward and weird kid in school as well so it seemed fitting. During the school years they discovered many troubling things. The Wizard was changing things…think the along the lines of Germany in WW2. And she wasn’t standing for any of it.

galinda, young, school, shiz, wicked, wizard of oz, good witch of the north, christina ridgeway, lank, plantiebee, art, artwork

Galinda also joined in with Elphaba on her crusade of what many would consider good. Now I don’t want to give away too much of the book – I do recommend you read it. You may also be surprised by the story line and the theme it follows. It is quite good – so please discover it for yourself!!

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If you are also a Wicked fan and are interested in giving this painting a good home be sure to contact Elizabeth at the Dream Factory – info@dreamfactoryart.com

This painting will be framed and ready to go. And if you are in Frankfurt next week be sure to check out the show! It is sure to be beautiful ^_^

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