Divine Feminine – Goddess Painting Complete!

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Divine Feminine – Goddess Painting Complete!

Hi Friends! It’s been awhile I know. I am trying to catch up on all the blog posts, as well as all the art I want to get done this summer. It has been a crazy year being at school, with very little free time to pursue my own projects. But, since this past winter I have been slowly working away on this painting “Divine Feminine”, which was actually originally inspired by female activism. As a mother, as a woman, as a spiritual being – I was called to create this piece.


Divine Feminine by Christina Ridgeway

“Divine Feminine” – 55 x 75 cm – oil on linen


This is a large detailed oil painting which has a lot of symbolism entwined into it. I wanted to show that every woman (and every man as well) has divinity within them. We are powerhouse creators of our destiny which we manifest here on Earth. On the cosmic side I am showing we have all of the universe within us. I also added in a little bit of Shiva symbolism, the moon and river flowing from the goddess’s hair, as Shiva is the God of Creation and Destruction. Something which I felt needed to be included in this piece!


Close up of Divine Feminine Portrait


The human side is meant to represent us here on Earth. I believe myself that we all manifest here on this planet to learn lessons, expand as a soul and grow all while having our higher self within us. The bees floating around were meant to symbolize so many things … our colony of souls here on Earth, us being the Queen Bee, powerful and free, as well as our ability to pollinate the planet with joy and light. There is so much I wanted to say within this painting, but I also always encourage you to find what it says to you personally.


torso detail divine feminine


I really enjoyed working on this painting and bringing her to life. I was so happy when I could finally call her complete and my first large scale painting of the year was put out publicly.  She embodies what I hope all woman remember themselves as being. Powerful creators both here physically as well as internally. For a long time there has been a notion to almost control a woman’s body and all the power she has within it. But we are divine beings within ourselves. The power we have is something we own completely. Never forget that.


Breast detail cosmic divine feminine


Thanks for taking the time to read and look through all the pictures! Such a detailed painting is difficult to appreciate from afar on a computer screen so I hope you enjoyed the close ups. Let me know what you think about the divinity within all of us and what this painting says to you! I would love to hear!

This lady is available to a new home as well! <3 So if you are interested in her, feel free to send me an email: contact(a)plantiebee.com

Have a great summer everyone! Shine bright!


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