“Crown of Thorns” – Scorpio Painting Complete!

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“Crown of Thorns” – Scorpio Painting Complete!

My first completed painting of the year! Ah feels good…even though I have technically been aware of this project since October 2013 😉 This painting is the 3rd Zodiac piece I have completed – this time of the Water sign Scorpio.

scorpio zodiac painting art artwork dark sea moonlit ocean cloudy skies crown of thorns woman white dress oil

“Crown of Thorns” – 9 x 12 in. – (c) Christina Lank


black and white grisaille stage of oil painting

beginning stages – when it was all black and white

I tried to pull upon my initial gut reactions and feelings towards Scorpio when conceptualizing this work. I am the type of person who sees colors when I think of words or numbers, and often time images. For me, Scorpio is dark waters. They are deep, very deep – ruled by the planet Pluto which is all about intimacy, power and transformation.

adding color over a grisaille painting

adding color over top the dead layer

As such Scorpio teaches lessons, they transform you and are known for their mind games – which is why I added in the crown of thorns. They can also be known as possessive and swing from highs to lows. Their inner mind is where all of this stems from – from within those deep dark waters.

I added in my own version of Chrysanthemums as well around the crown which is November’s birth flower. The moon which is the “planet” of emotion in the Zodiac illuminates her from behind.

However, you will never find a more loyal friend and companion than a Scorpio. Though they are very independent people, when they care about you and you prove your trustworthiness to them they take that relationship very seriously.

portrait scorpio painting artwork art

To summarize – it is a sign which can be a little intimidating for its intensity, however I wanted to portray Scorpio in the manner of which I felt they may exist beyond the surface. Their emotional mindset, their caring heartfelt disposition, and their passion.




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