“Citizen of Glass” – Forest Portrait Complete!

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“Citizen of Glass” – Forest Portrait Complete!

Hey guys! The year is ending, 2017 is fading away and I lay the final paint strokes onto my newest painting “Citizen of Glass” ^_^ Feels really good having this, and 3 other paintings done in the Leaving Time series before the year has ended. I am really pleased I was able to accomplish so much considering I have a toddler running around!!


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“Citizen of Glass” – 40 x 55 cm – oil on masonite


So, a little about this painting. I thought about this concept before I had moved up here to Västra Götaland… I knew we were going to be moving soon and it meant a lot of things to me. The end of so many stories, memories, friendships, relationships, my home, my house, my garden…everything I had known about Sweden really, since I am not a native.

The earlier paintings in the series were based in Skåne where there are plenty of farmlands, it is flat and vast, peppered with barns. Up here, however, it is mountainous and covered with forests.


close up of the portrait


I imagined myself melting into the forests, melding into the new life and everything it represented for us as a family. And what it meant we were leaving behind. The song “Citizen of Glass” by Agnes Obel was very influential to me when creating this piece. The lyrics, the feel, the instruments – it all fit. Agnes had explained that a citizen of glass was a German term, describing a human being who is completely transparent, there can be no secrets. And even though it appears as if this portrait is wearing a mask, in reality you are seeing right through her.


grey herons close up


And it is that way with every painting in this series. Through my own tangled web of symbolism you are seeing my own very personal story being spelled out for you in imagery. Through those eyes you can see the apprehension and unknowing. There is always hope though, the dawn is rising, the birds are in flight and winds of change are in the air.


hawk in flight close up


I really enjoyed creating this portrait, I don’t do enough! It was a real pleasure and really happy to see a painting come to life how I wanted it to. I wish you all a really wonderful holiday season and can’t wait to share more Leaving Time paintings in 2018! The next one is going to be technically challenging but if done right…will be super cool 😀


Merry Christmas!

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