Underneath an Oil Painting – Different Underpainting Techniques

Posted by on Oct 9, 2015 in Opinion, Tutorials | 7 comments

Hey guys! I wanted to create a fun blog post going over a few of the different underpainting techniques I have tried over the years – their results and which I like the best! There are quite a few different routes you can take when you want to tackle an underpainting, even if it means not painting one at all. Creating an underpaintings is useful for determining values, creating a solid base, and also helping to create luminosity if applied correctly. As a self taught artist myself – I soak up a lot of the information around me and experiment with it. I am not saying I am an...

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Screw the Background! Or wait…that could be important.

Posted by on Sep 10, 2013 in Opinion, Tutorials | 0 comments

Hey guys – I am back in commission blogging woo! Today’s inspiration came from my friend Marina actually, though it’s been an accumulative subject which I have discussed oh so many times with figurative artists over the past few years. The subject being: the background. For the majority of all artists I have spoken to about that annoying time consuming topic – they all love to paint one thing: the human face. There is none so appealing a feature as the eyes…the lips…the planes of the cheeks. Inside a face we all capture pieces of ourselves and in some...

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Battling the Stress When Stress Battles You

Posted by on Jul 17, 2013 in Opinion, Tutorials | 0 comments

In recent times I have had to shift into a high gear to get a very important project done. On a typical day, I usually always work under the strain of the clock. I have a job with a military analysis company, I have 1 son and 2 step kids, there’s the house, the dog, the cat, the list could go on forever. But it wasn’t until this past July when my idealistic timelines well and truly butted heads with reality – the result? Stress. Now I did a post on Beating a Creative Block a few weeks back and though a lot of those techniques could be applied here too, when it comes to...

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Banishing the Creative Art Block

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We’ve all been there. Those times when you’re pouring through your brain for an image, any image!! Which will suffice for a grand painting/drawing. It can happen to any of us, and it can be thoroughly frustrating – so I wanted to write a few fun tips for things to do when the creativity block hits. 1. Get Outta The House! – Sounds so simple and yet it is so effective. When things stuck and sluggish, there is nothing better than leaving the studio behind, even just for the afternoon and go some place new! You would be amazed what you can find even in your own backyard,...

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Artist Tip: Be Awesome!!

Posted by on May 27, 2013 in Opinion, Tutorials | 4 comments

Sounds like a rather simple tip in all respects, but sometimes the simplest things can also be the hardest. Speaking to young artists who have just started out, or are just on the cusp of beginning there is a similar theme going on between all of them and that is an issue with self confidence. However, it is also well established artists who go through this time and time again. So my tip of the day is to go forth with confidence! No one will believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself first 😉 Believe me, it can be tough. Sometimes one can fall into the trap of seeing fellow artists...

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How to Add Color Over a Grisaille Painting

Posted by on May 15, 2013 in Oil Painting, Tutorials, Work in Progress | 4 comments

I wanted to make a tutorial on the basic steps on how to apply color over a black and white grisaille painting using oil paints. The final shot I am going to show you isnt complete, but it will show you all the steps I take to get to a solid place where you can rinse and repeat until you feel like your painting is done. Why paint in black and white first?  For me painting in black and white has been a great tool to understand and determine value in a painting. It helps you see the painting for what it is rather than shades of color. Good practice if you want to add depth to your work. I like...

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