Going to an Art Academy – My Experience

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Hey guys – as many of you know in January I started at the Swedish Academy of Realist Art. It is a private school located in the artistic Osterlen town of Simrishamn run by Hans-Peter Szameit and Sanna Tomac. I will admit, it was such a whirlwind getting accepted into the school only weeks before term started – I walked in on the first day a blank canvas, not sure what to expect.     So, I thought I would share with you my experience so far – going on 3 months at the school! I went in with prior artistic experience, I had been completely self taught but working...

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Underneath an Oil Painting – Different Underpainting Techniques

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Hey guys! I wanted to create a fun blog post going over a few of the different underpainting techniques I have tried over the years – their results and which I like the best! There are quite a few different routes you can take when you want to tackle an underpainting, even if it means not painting one at all. Creating an underpaintings is useful for determining values, creating a solid base, and also helping to create luminosity if applied correctly. As a self taught artist myself – I soak up a lot of the information around me and experiment with it. I am not saying I am an...

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Art – The Highly Skilled Underpaid Profession

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I just read an interesting article of sorts on what goes into an art piece, how much is untold and how much unappreciated. I considered this, sitting here on a quiet evening in front of an assortment of unfinished works and realized how true it is. It is a very solitary job, but a job nonetheless. Most of my time spent painting is alone in many respects, even when people are sitting around me. I am in another world – lost to the concentration of making what I want to appear appear!   I find it funny that being an artist is no longer considered a real job. I think this comes from a...

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2013 Art Year in Review <3

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2013 Art Year in Review

It is that time of year again, the time when you get to sit back and review all of what you have done over the past 12 months. I actually really enjoy this time – not to say one is ever 100% satisfied – but it’s the sense of another chapter closed. And there are always things to be proud of! I’d like to  take write now what it was I had accomplished this year and what I have learned. Not to mention the things I’d like to do better!   January – March: The big thing in the beginning part of this year was my Four Horsemen, learning how to paint in the...

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Screw the Background! Or wait…that could be important.

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Hey guys – I am back in commission blogging woo! Today’s inspiration came from my friend Marina actually, though it’s been an accumulative subject which I have discussed oh so many times with figurative artists over the past few years. The subject being: the background. For the majority of all artists I have spoken to about that annoying time consuming topic – they all love to paint one thing: the human face. There is none so appealing a feature as the eyes…the lips…the planes of the cheeks. Inside a face we all capture pieces of ourselves and in some...

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Battling the Stress When Stress Battles You

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In recent times I have had to shift into a high gear to get a very important project done. On a typical day, I usually always work under the strain of the clock. I have a job with a military analysis company, I have 1 son and 2 step kids, there’s the house, the dog, the cat, the list could go on forever. But it wasn’t until this past July when my idealistic timelines well and truly butted heads with reality – the result? Stress. Now I did a post on Beating a Creative Block a few weeks back and though a lot of those techniques could be applied here too, when it comes to...

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