Artist’s Bio


Christina Ridgeway with her painting "The Defiant"Christina Ridgeway was born in 1987 in the state of Maryland. She excelled at art throughout her childhood and when she turned 18 moved to Europe and never stopped drawing. However in 2011, after moving to Sweden, she began producing work professionally and has since worked with galleries and clients all over the world. She is primarily self taught, drawing inspiration from nature, dreams, memories and more. She now lives next to a mountain in Västra Götaland and still finds no place better on Earth than under giant trees.


Artist’s Statement

I believe that art is the purest form of expression. A painting is more than just beauty and more than just poetry – it is the ultimate embodiment of the artist’s mind and soul. When I create work from this sacred place, you are seeing an entire conversation I am having between myself and the world. I invite you to be a part of that conversation!

When creating a piece, it is like creating a child. Thought, research, contemplation and even intuition go into telling a story. I am inspired by all that happens around me – from scenes in nature, tv shows, books to world events. Like a dream is your sub conscious processing your daily life, so is my art work.

I want to leave the strings of my visual creations open to allow the viewer to step in and create their own meanings and interpretations. I want my art to become personal to you where you have that feeling of “ah-ha…. someone else gets how I felt at that very moment.” Art can be therapy, healing, peace, understanding and empathy. I want to create pieces which have an emotional and narrative core so I may speak with you, my beautiful audience, in the purest way possible.


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