2013 Art Year in Review <3

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2013 Art Year in Review

It is that time of year again, the time when you get to sit back and review all of what you have done over the past 12 months. I actually really enjoy this time – not to say one is ever 100% satisfied – but it’s the sense of another chapter closed. And there are always things to be proud of!

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I’d like to  take write now what it was I had accomplished this year and what I have learned. Not to mention the things I’d like to do better!

The Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen – oil on masonite – 7 x 16 in. each


January – March: The big thing in the beginning part of this year was my Four Horsemen, learning how to paint in the grisaille technique. The technique was to paint in black and white first, then move on to color. It was suggested to me by Redd Walitzki whilst I was complaining over something or another 😛 You know how it goes. And I was super intrigued.

Problem was I started with the blue toned painting (tough tough!), had no idea what I was doing and was completely dumbfounded! Which is why a bit later I made my own tutorial on how to paint color over grisaille. It was a great learning experience and a technique I use frequently to this day!

April – July: During the spring and summer the focus went onto shows. My friend Kari-Lise Alexander introduced me to Ltd. Art Gallery and I got my first gallery show of the year! Tentacles! Which you can see in the month of April in the meme above ^^ I started learning a lot, from how to paint bubbles in that painting, to painting color over a b&w gradient in my Witch Baby piece to painting from dark to light in my Mona Lisa interpretation! It was all rush,  deadlines, mixed in with experiments and new things. By July though I needed to be done with the giant commission – Evensong – which was 36 x 48 inches. Painting something so large and complicated alone was a major challenge and learning experience.

Christina Lank Plantiebee sitting with large painting

Me sitting with the Evensong in July!

August – December: The heat didn’t stop. The moment I was finally done with my 8 month long project “Evensong” –  I got accepted into Auguste Clown Gallery, which I had been vying for for nearly a year. I also had a long long awaited show at Gallery 1988 to paint, as well as Ltd. Art Gallery….with commissions on the side to boot! The real challenge here was not losing steam. It can be a tough thing to try and accomplish. I have my day job, my art job, my family job… balance is a lesson I think most artists need to try and master. This period of time was very awakening for me as it changed how I will go about the year to come.

carrie tribute painting chloe mortez horror oil painting christina lank plantiebee

“You Know Her Name” for gallery 1988 in L.A.


2014 – The Year to Come: After all the rush and push and opportunity that this past year has brought me, I have decided for the beginning half of 2014 I will be doing my own thing. I am super excited to paint what I want to paint, even just for a small amount of time. Why? I think the answer is obvious. I have learned a lot and met quite a few wonderful people over the past year. I want to put all my knowledge into my own creativity. Help get those muscles moving again.


The big one is a personal work of mine, the small a commission

The big one is a personal work of mine, the small a commission


Without the input of others ideas I want to see what I can come up with and what I am capable of. So that when I do start the commission/gallery process again I will have fresh eyes. I started off last year with an entire new technique, now I want to begin with a new mindset and creative path.

I am really looking forward to the year to come. Thank you again for all you who have followed this journey with me. All your support really keeps me going!

I wish you all the greatest of holidays in 2013, and an even better start to 2014. I hope to see all of you there!!




  1. Looks like you’ve had a very busy year! I think I should make a post like this too. It’s good to reflect on the things you’ve learned, and the accomplishments you’ve reached. It`s awesome to hear you showed in several galleries. I (and probably others) would love it if you made a journal entry on your whole experience getting things ready for the galleries, and the excitement of the shows and so forth. Best of luck in the new near year!

    • I agree Sasha, you should make a post like this!
      I think it’s really interesting as well to look back a year later and see how you thought things were going to go hehe 😛
      Be sure to let me know when you have posted it ^^ And a post about getting ready for galleries hm… you mean like shipping and framing or something more specific?
      Same to you, all the best my lovely!

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