“1,000 Morsels of Hope” – Rapeseed Field Painting Complete!

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“1,000 Morsels of Hope” – Rapeseed Field Painting Complete!

Hi friends 🙂 I know, it has been awhile since I wrote a blog post. After Gabe was born in May art has been slower than usual and this painting (which I started in June) has consumed most of my time. I am so happy it is done, but in many ways I am also… saddened in a way. It has been a journey. I documented a journey in this painting and it was a journey in and amongst itself to paint. Which is why I feel the need to really talk about what this piece of work means to me.


1,000 Morsels of Hope oil painting by Christina RIdgeway

“1,000 Morsels of Hope” – 55 x 75 cm – oil on linen


Last year in 2015 my life changed abruptly. I won’t get into the gritty details here but we suffered a sudden and swift loss within our family. It set off a chain reaction of events which I honestly didn’t feel like I came out of until after the birth of my son this past spring. It was like that one event, which we all went through, created in turn a thousand other events which kept altering our lives until I couldn’t even recognize a lot of the world around me. Everything had changed.


Hands in Rapeseed Flowers - 1,000 Morsels of Hope by Christina Ridgeway


So this one day, it was snowing and I was having a conversation with a man about my art and where I was to go – I thought of this concept. Down here in the south of Sweden, in the spring, the whole countryside comes alive with the color yellow. I am surrounded by farm fields here where I live and come May the rapeseed flowers come into bloom – and the world becomes a sea of brilliant cadmium flowers. It is mesmerizing. I wanted to capture things like this in my surrounding area which have left a mark on me.


Close up of potrait - 1,000 Morsels of Hope


For a long time I always thought emotive paintings like this was for me to reach out and let others know they weren’t alone in their loneliness or heartache. I learned something very deep while painting this piece of work. Every flower, every butterfly, every moment I would think and I would hear and I would understand. It wasn’t my own suffering going out and teaching others – I was learning from the suffering which everyone else around me. This human condition of loss and of hope – it was teaching ME that I wasn’t alone. And even though I could feel so lost at times – others had felt that and worse. In some ways I began to feel that until you have felt just as sad as I did in that moment, you’d never really understand or appreciate life for what it is. And there is a connection to others that comes from that emotion that stays with you.

“1,000 Morsels of Hope” is my painting of wandering through life when things have gotten very dark and yet I kept hope within me, all around, that things could change at any moment. The butterflies flitting to and fro were in a sense the “truth bombs” there to remind myself that some things are very unchangeable. But there is a future beyond that – a bright new beginning.


Monarch butterflies - 1,000 Morsels of Hope painting by Christina Ridgeway


As many of you know, I love astrology. When this moment of loss which set off the chain reaction happened it was eclipse season – in my sign right before my birthday. I didn’t realize just how impacting that would be. Even more so was the fact that I had my Saturn Return and since Saturn was retrograde it lasted for months and months… teaching me lessons and harsh realities every step of the way. Which is why I added that fateful planet into this work.


Ghost of Saturn - 1,000 Morsels of Hope painting by Christina Ridgeway


What a lesson, what a connection. I started off feeling so disconnected from everything and everyone. I felt like the universe was against me and had no love left for me. But I ended up feeling like I was surrounded by angels and beings guiding me – letting me know that this truly is a part of my journey and my experience here on earth. I am left feeling more connected to my fellow man more than ever. So please, view this painting for what it is for you. Let your own story melt into it. For we all have one. Be proud of it and cherish it because it really does make you who you are. Let it connect you to everyone else around you who has felt lost and loss. We are all here together in our little stories of tragedy and hope and never truly alone.

Love and light to you all <3

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